6-month Become A Badass program

"What does it even mean to be a badass?"

As a badass, you will...

  • Question the norm. Don't be content going with the flow. Set your own pace. Marches to your own beat.

  • Get comfortable with the word "no". Prioritize yourself and reserves the word "yes" for only when you truly mean it.

  • Shift your mindset. Use positive words. Control the conversations you have. Learn to create more happiness around you.

  • Set clear goals and have the tools to reach them. Badasses never run out of new ideas, new things to dominate, new challenges to try.

  • Knowing that confidence is so much more than physical appearance. Stay motivated to get the body you've always wanted but learn how to truly love yourself far beyond the tangible in the process.

  • Be body positive. You stand tall, you speak out. You exude radiance and confidence. A force to be reckoned with. All in your path will know you're a badass babe.

  • Focus on strengths. You know who you are. Always working on your weaknesses while relying on your strongest assets. Working in tandem with your true self to conquer the world.

  • Creating opportunity. To become a badass is to make your own successes regularly. No getting complacent. No negative spaces.

  • Leave toxic people behind. Surrounding yourself with the best environment for success. You know how to walk away. How to engage and who to engage with.

  • Prioritize self-care. Every badass needs TLC. You will give that to yourself each and every day. Treat yourself as good as you treat those you love.

  • Get uncomfortable. You can't excel living in your comfort zone. Getting out of it will give you new levels of comfort and growth. Challenge yourself and achieve.

6-month Become A Badass Program

Listen up. Being in your 40's is the best time to become a badass! After working hard, raising a family, and spending time on everyone else...it's finally time to put your efforts into you!


This 6-month program will help you feel more alive than you ever have. You'll have more skills to take on anything that comes your way. Anything!


The Quest... Together

To Become a Badass, all you need is this 6-month program and the desire. In our 40-60 min phone call, we'll put together the perfect coaching plan for you.



"Deauke is an exceptionally amazing trainer and coach. Her energy is infectious. I've worked with several coaches, and Deauke is exceptional on every level. "