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12-month Badass Bulletproof program

"How do you stay on track long-term? 

How do you become more balanced, more at peace?"

That is what it means to be bulletproof. 

Bulletproof is to have your mind, body, soul aligned. Working together harmoniously. Getting your body in shape is the easy part. Keeping your spirit inspired is a small challenge. But the mind of a woman is a very abstract complexity. Staying healthy in your mind is a lot of work. You'll need a lot of tools. A lot of accountability.


To be bulletproof isn't to be impervious to sadness, insecurities, mental illness. We live in a real world where things aren't always easy. Learning to be bulletproof is all about how to identify when you're struggling. How to give yourself care through those times. Bouncing back and staying on track. Learning how to take everything you've fought for and keeping it strong, effective, peaceful.


Have more moments of zen, more greatness, more dreams achieved.

12-month Be Bulletproof Program

12 months may seem like a long time but it's so minuscule in the grand scheme of your life. The second halves of our lives deserve to be greater than the first. You can have that. Happiness. Health. Clarity. Confidence. You can live the life you've always wanted. The life of a badass rock star.


The Be Bulletproof program will give you:


* Emotional control. As women, we are wells that run deep with emotion. You can learn to better control your emotions to create more positive environments for growth. Don't let fear be a factor in living your life the way you want.

* Become more cognizant. Self-awareness is key to maximizing your growth potential. Learning how to learn more and absorb the world around you better improves your ability to blossom.

* Improved social relationships. Having more beneficial social circles and being better at communicating with them. Never feel like your voice isn't heard again. Get noticed, get results. Be an influential part of the group, not just a person standing in a crowd.

* Better health. As your mind, body, and spirit become healthier you'll feel it everywhere. More mental clarity. Better mental stability. More stamina. Better daily performance in your career.

* More Sleep. As you get a healthier and happier life your stresses will melt away more easily. Sleep more, deeper, better. Feel more rested and avoid those mid-day slumps. You'll be more energetic physically, and emotionally.

* Stronger sense of belonging. Not with others, but with yourself. We all place too much blame on ourselves. We're too hard on ourselves. Learn how to better set your own expectations and how to walk away from your own desire to criticize yourself. Be more whole in who you are.

* Greater authenticity. We all know we're going to have bad days. Being authentic is being able to admit you are struggling. Communicate that you need help, and to accept it. To be honest with yourself so you can get back on track.


Become Bulletproof

Be Bulletproof. Change your life forever. If you think you can't I'm here to tell you that you can. You've come this far, don't stop now. You read this because you want this.


The next step in your badass, amazing, rock star life. Let's hop on a 40-60 min phone call. Come on!



"The Discovery Call in itself was an eye opener to begin with. It really gave me the clarity I needed to get my priority straight: me!"